Thursday, January 1, 2009

His Pain, My Pleasure

Recently, I arranged for a night away with j, and now I’m feeling revitalized! It had been quite some time since I had spanked him, and a trip to the erotic boutique armed me with a new crop and a flogger. It’s fun experimenting with different devices to bring him pain (and me pleasure). J is not a pain slut by any means, and I always have to be cognizant of just how much force I am exerting. But, through my guidance, he is learning to accept and enjoy more and more pain. This is exciting for me, as I get very aroused watching his ass redden with each swat of the crop.

Sometimes I have j get on his hands and knees for his spankings. Other times, I bend him against the wall, with his arms outstretched. I require that he be completely naked for his spankings. Not only is his ass completely bare, receiving the full impact of my punishment, but also he feels a certain level of humiliation. He is naked before me, while I am fully clothed. He is vulnerable. To add to that level of vulnerability, I frequently tie his hands together, or handcuff him. I want him to know that there is no escaping whatever punishment I will be doling out.

I get wet as I see his body quiver and flinch, and hear the gasps and moans he makes due to the pain I am inflicting. By the time I am done I am done with him, I am practically dripping, and I reward him by allowing him to devour my wetness.

I will continue expanding upon his ability to handle pain, as it pleasures me tremendously!